Keeping It Real: Authenticity is your ally

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Raise your hand if you love corporate-speak. Anyone? No one? The problems with corporate-speak are 1) It is often incomprehensible; 2) It is not memorable; and 3) It has no soul.

When you talk about your company, your services or your brand, no one wants to hear boring, canned, overused phrases. They want to feel your passion, understand what drives you to bring your “A” game and know why they should choose you over your competitors.

You should speak loudly and proudly about that at which you are great, but don’t promise what you can’t deliver. No one enjoys hearing the hollow ring of empty promises.

Being authentic is not the same as being perfect. Often, telling a story about how something went awry, but how you stepped up and handled it will inspire more confidence in your business that if try to run from reality. Don’t play ostrich.

Speak from your heart in the language of your audience. You won’t assume the mantle of authority by using big words or complicated jargon. Show you know your craft by helping your listener understand and making them feel heard.

Don’t be afraid to show up with some soul and authenticity. Reality is your friend. When your audience can understand your message, they will remember your company. Show your brand at its best—at its most authentic—and you make it easy for the right clients to choose you. Keep it real.

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