It's Alive! Keeping your brand off life support

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In a perfect (or at least more convenient world), once you go through all the heavy lifting establishing your brand, you would be able to set it and forget it—push it out of the nest and let it fare on its own. You’re delusional if you believe that’s how it works.

Keeping your brand alive is like raising a child. It grows through stages. At first it needs constant care and feeding. Then for a short while, it can hold its own with minor intervention. Next it hits those awkward growth spurts and unpredictable ups and downs. Eventually it reaches maturity and you tend to ignore it.

But, don’t. When your brand is established and seems to have it all figured out, along comes a threat from another brand or newer technology. If it fails to stay relevant, it will fade into obscurity and start to get that old brand smell.

Keep your brand vital by giving it the attention it needs at every stage of the game.

  • Be Social—Implement a social media strategy that will be relevant to your target audience.

  • Be Eventful—Make The Scene as a speaker at conferences, a donor at charity events, or a sponsor of community events.

  • Be Current—Keep the information on your materials and web site accurate and up-to-date. Don’t put up a news page if your news is so old, it’s become history.

  • Be There—Reach out to your clients and prospects on a regular basis with valuable information in a blog, newsletters, notes or customer contact by phone, email or in person. When they need you, you will be foremost in their minds.

Keep your brand involved and active. A brand is a living entity. Make sure people know it’s alive and vibrant.

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