Marketing from the Front Door: “Your call is important to us…”

first impression, customer experience

Everyone wants to feel special. As paying customers, we want the clerk focusing attention on us rather than on a co-worker who is relating the weekend’s exploits. No one wants to be invisible. Don’t treat the customers like the mannequins.

When I have spent several hundred dollars on software, I want it to work flawlessly. If I have to call tech support, stepping nimbly through several layers of menu options to get to my particular product or issue, I don’t want to hear repeatedly how important my call is as I sit on endless hold. Show me. Pick up the phone.

And, of course, we have all heard, “We know you have a choice of carriers. Thank you for choosing to fly with us.” How about showing that appreciation with a seat that won’t cut off circulation even in my 5-foot-2-inch frame? Believe me, if I had a real choice, I’d go for roomier seats.

In today’s impersonal world of online commerce, we have diminishing opportunity for human interaction. Nothing can cement a relationship more than getting to know the person on the other end of the transaction. When the opportunity exists, make it a positive and memorable experience.

My dentist has a masterful woman who works the front desk. She welcomes callers and visitors warmly and shows endless patience arranging appointments to fit busy schedules. She is truly an asset to the business and the brand experience.

Even my dog knows that a good greeting at the door will yield results. If I feel the love, there may be a little something extra in the dinner bowl.

While we don’t expect the level of slavish devotion we get from our pets, we do like to feel listened to and appreciated. Effective marketing begins at the front door. Regardless of the money you spend driving customers to your business, you are wasting your efforts if you don’t treat them right when they arrive. Whether the first contact is over the phone or in the flesh, show me how important I am. Make me feel the love.

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