Something for Nothing: Don't undervalue your logo

Posted on 11 Jan 2014 Logo

Or, Why Your Logo is No Place to Scrimp on Budget.

Remember the Yugo? Or, perhaps, you are trying to forget the Yugo. How about the Ford Aspire? Once on a business trip, I rented one and promptly renamed it the Ford Expire. The problem with these vehicles? They were designed to give people exactly what they asked for: cheap, basic transportation.

And as most of us have learned, be very careful what you ask for.

The same holds true in business. I recently saw an ad for $25 logos. Twenty-five dollar logos? Can anyone seriously believe that paying $25 for a logo—the foundation of a company’s branding and image—is going to yield a logo that Aspires to greatness?

Your logo is a virtual microchip of information encapsulating your organization’s personality, positioning and style. Brand design professionals devote many hours learning about your business and your competition to develop an image that defines your company “face.” Your logo, on business cards or signage, is usually the first thing people see. It’s essential to make a good and accurate first impression. Putting the right face forward, sets the tone for sales and relationship building.

Think what you feel about each company when you compare the logos of IBM and Apple; the former Cingular and ATT; Ritz Carlton and W Hotels. Each logo is imbued with the brand experience. You get a feeling of what to expect. Putting those expectations forth helps to attract your target customer and lessen the time, effort and cost of promoting to them.

Investing in a well-designed logo will yield dividends for years to come. Expecting to gain all these benefits for $25 is expecting something for nothing.

Yugo get yourself a professionally designed logo. You won’t regret the investment.

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