New Shoes


How many times has this happened to you? You are so preoccupied using your expertise to help others, that you neglect treating your business or yourself like a client.

We are all familiar with the tale of the cobbler’s children who have no shoes. (Of course, there may not be many people today who know what a cobbler does, and, thus, may infer that he is just a cheap self-interested parent who is neglecting his young ones.)

I found myself in the cobbler’s predicament. I wanted desperately to revamp my web site—since I use it to promote my branding business—but I had no time to devote to it because I was busy consulting on and designing web sites, logos, enewsletters and print materials for my clients. Such a dilemma!

Finally, I am happy to announce that I have cobbled together a new site ( I’ve updated it with some recent projects and simplified the navigation and page content.

Why would I want to simplify rather than grow the content? One way to avoid the dilemma of your web site becoming stale, is to take a less-is-more approach. When your web site becomes an attic where you store everything—even things that are old and no longer relevant—it becomes too cumbersome to manage. You lose control of its purpose and direction. You may have the content your audience needs in there, but they’ll lose interest before they ever find it.

So, I took my own advice, cleared away the clutter and have a basic framework which aligns with the way my company has evolved. With a manageable structure is it easier to keep my content fresh. Since a web site is a living document, it is never completely finished and put away on the shelf…or in the attic. Content needs to be freshened, updated and enhanced frequently. You wouldn’t wear the same old shoes every day would you?

Take a look:

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