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Do You Feel Me? Putting passion behind the brand

When I was at the gym this week, pumping iron… okay, stop laughing so hard—you´ll hurt yourself. As I was at the gym this week, stretching, I overheard a guy talking with a friend about a touchy situation at work. At the end of the tale, he asked, “Do you feel me?”

Obviously he wasn’t asking his pal to grab his bicep for confirmation of his physical existence. He wanted to know if his friend understood and empathized.

This bit of street lingo can be a handy tool to test what your brand communicates to your audience. Put yourself in your customer´s place. As you experience your company through their eyes, ask the question, “Do you feel me?” As you are “being” your customer, do you feel understood and empathized with?

An example is BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine®. The brand exudes the feeling their Type A customer wants: to be the masterful captain of a powerful ship. The cars enjoy prominent product and aftermarket enhancements to pimp your ride´s performance even more. The driving schools train amateur drivers to become weekend track warriors so they can enjoy the ultimate driving brand evangelists.

Every aspect, every touchpoint of your product or service should communicate the passion you have for understanding and satisfying your customer. Take every opportunity, from how you welcome them—in person, on the Internet or by phone—to how you follow up, to express your passion for the brand. Make sure they can say, with enthusiasm, “You feel me!”

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