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It is Later. 5 Whys for NOT putting off your branding

In each of us lurks a secret procrastinator. No matter how you pride yourself on being “on it!” or proactive, there is always something you shove to the back burner. Maybe it’s making the doctor appointment. Could be you shirk shopping for new clothes—something stylish from this century. Perhaps it’s making that uncomfortable call with bad news or just calling your mother. Sometimes it’s working on the report you just don’t want to do. Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s deciding to get busy and step up your branding.

Don’t worry; the doctor is in. Here are five “whys” to crush those justifications so you can start building your branding.

  1. Potential customers wonder whether you are still in business
    If your brand touchpoints (physical signage and facility, web site, identity, and so on) say oldie and moldy, they project neglect and decline. That’s not good for business.
  2. Your brand doesn’t reflect the company you are today
    Branding is your communication tool to help potential clients preview your style and what you are about. If you are not representing yourself as you evolve, clients may be uninformed of your capability or just feel you are behind the times.
  3. You are missing opportunities
    You are not helping the right customers to find you when your brand isn’t showcasing what you do best. Don’t become invisible. Don’t appear to be irrelevant.
  4. It won’t get any cheaper
    Branding is an investment in your future. Waiting hurts you. There will be no Black Friday markdowns. It will only become more expensive as time goes on—not just in costs but in the business you lose by failing to brand.
  5. The time is right
    If you are waiting for the right time or thinking you’ll do it later, it is later. If the brand isn’t doing the job to attract new business and cement existing relationships, it is time to upgrade.

Change is challenging. Some are paralyzed with fear of making a mistake. However, sometimes the worst mistake is failing to recognize it’s later than you think. Decide to shine!

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