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Branding Never Sleeps: 3 Reasons to brand while you’re busy

May 21, 2015 | By | In Alle Branding, branding 0 Comments


“I have all the business I need right now.” I smile for you when I hear this. I am happy for you. However, I also know that this is NOT a reason to sit on your laurels and let your brand sprout cobwebs.

We all know business is cyclical. There will be good times; there will be bad times. The wise leader knows that while momentum is strong is just when you need to keep the good times rolling by putting initiatives in place that will carry you through.

Here are three reasons to focus on your brand when business is good:

  1. Just like an uber-model, your currency is high right now, but your star may not rise forever. Once the bloom is off the rose and the Next Big Thing hits the scene, you’ll be as forgotten as parachute pants, if you haven’t been building your brand.
  2. An object in motion tends to stay in motion…and an object that is as motionless as a bump on a log will have a hell of a time getting things moving again without a swift kick in the brand. (And you thought you’d never really use Newton’s Laws.) See, there is science in branding; it’s not all magic.
  3. When you are in high clover is when you can afford the investment to develop the marketing programs and branding infrastructure for the future. When budgets are tight, building the brand looks more like an expense than an investment.

The old adage holds true: make hay while the sun shines. Don’t worry about being overrun with too many clients—you can either expand or be choosier about working with more of your ideal clients. Don’t let your brand get caught napping!

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