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Scaring Clients Away: 5 Frightful faux pas that can hurt your brand

It’s a frightening time of year and not just because it’s Halloween. It’s the fourth quarter: That horrifying time of year when you may be thinking back and reviewing how many opportunities you’ve missed to rock your brand—the lifeblood of your business.

Here are just 5 mistakes or missteps that scare the bejesus out of customers and send potential clients running into the arms of the competition.

  • The Dead Zone
    Is the first impression of your brand a zombie at reception or a scary voice on the phone? Little things mean a lot. Employees should appear happy or at least alive when they interface with customers.
  • The Hall of Mirrors
    Is the information on your web site or collateral all about you and not about what you do to satisfy customers?
  • The Haunted House
    When things go wrong (and they will), do your employees fail to acknowledge what happened and get on to a solution? Are they shrugging and mumbling, “ I dunno” or finger pointing at reasons that don’t exist? Ghosts in the machine perhaps?
  • Tales from the Crypt
    Does the news page or panel on your web site read more like the history channel? Do the headshots of executives harken back to their youth?
  • Creature from the Lagoon
    Do your corporate identity, web site and collateral materials look like something that has returned from the dead? Do people get the impression your company has one foot in the grave?

It’s never to late to revive your brand. Pull away the cobwebs, get some help to plug in the electrodes, and soon your clients will be yelling, “It’s alive!”

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