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The Big Why: Prioritize solution before style

The creative process attracts opinions and ideas like bees to honey. When leaders start to think about building a brand, visions of the proverbial sugarplums begin to dance in their heads. The ideas start popping and, before they know it, they are mentally designing logos. Even the least creative types have a lot of brilliant design ideas.

And that’s when I put the brakes on. I have to talk them down because the high of creativity can be intoxicating. But, the most wonderful logo design is nothing but a worthless piece of eye candy when there is no reasoning—no foundation—to support it.

When you build a brand or rebuild a brand, the starting line is not at the drawing board. It begins way before that so you understand these fundamentals:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What do you solve for your client?
  • What does your ideal client need from you?
  • What do you provide that your competitors do not?
  • What is your brand personality?
  • What about your brand makes your proud?
  • What inspires passion about your brand?

Not knowing the answers to these questions is like trying to get dressed for an event you know nothing about. You have no clue whether it is casual, formal, serious, or fun. You don’t know who will be there. You can’t make a great impression or any impact if you show up unprepared.

Similarly, you can’t build a great brand without knowing your Big Why. A brand facilitation session is a great way to get some professional guidance in discovering the why behind your business. You will gain clarity and insight that will guide you in building the brand foundation. With your priorities straight, you’ll be ready to let the creative juices flow and develop an identity program that creates some buzz with the clients you want to reach.

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