What’s Love Got to Do with It? Getting behind the brand.

When I was riding the wave in Corporate America, one of my bosses would always preface an odious assignment with, “Here’s a chance to be great.” We both knew it was not going to be anything fun, but, by presenting it as a challenge, he tapped my imagination. He knew I’d find a way to swing for the fences and bring home a winner.

Attitude plays a huge role in building your brand, whether you own the company or work for a corporation.

Here’s a short quiz. When it comes to your business, which of these statements describe how you feel about the company and the work you do:

A. “I’m just doing this for the money. Once I win the lottery, I’m outta here.”

B. “I wouldn’t do anything else.”

If you picked A, it may be time to either reignite your passion or reconsider your options.

If you chose B, you are in the sweet spot.

Your attitude, what you project, creates the experience of your business and your brand. And, to paraphrase, if you don’t love your brand, who will?

I can think of a few leaders who really get behind the brand. They have shown the love, passion, and devotion that gains a devoted customer following: Richard Branson of Virgin [everything]; Herb Kelleher, co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines; Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics; and even swashbuckling hero, Red Adair, of the Red Adair Oil Co., who became an icon in the burgeoning 20th century American oil and gas industry.

No one will doubt that any of these successful people and plenty of other leaders, love(d) their brands. Getting behind the brand with love and respect inspires passion in those who work for and with you, and attracts clients to you. And, that my friends, is what love has to do with it.

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