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The Bones of a Strong Brand: Structuring the foundation for success, Part Two

[Part Two of Three]

This installment of the Bones of a Strong Brand, addresses the second of three key building blocks that are the bedrock upon which to build your brand: naming, branding and identity.

In Part Two, I’m going to focus on…


The word itself rivals Justin Bieber in media overexposure. As a result, its meaning has become dilute.

So what is branding? And what has that got to do with your business?

Branding is the DNA and soul that makes your company unique. It’s not just the service or products, it is how you deliver them. It’s how you make customers feel. It’s what makes employees passionate and keeps customers loyal.

It is a predictable experience, standards, follow up, and responsiveness. It is making the client feel understood by what you do for them. It is making employees feel appreciated by doing something unexpected to recognize a commitment to giving their best.

You may be thinking, “Okay, so how do I get me some of that?” It starts with the three Cs: Clarity, Commitment and Consistency.

  • Clarity: Do you know the real value you provide your customers? If not, consider a brand facilitation session to identify the recipe of your secret sauce.
  • Commitment: Are you engaged in understanding clients and making their experience awesome? Be sure to listen, learn and document what is successful.
  • Consistency: Are you walking the walk at every point where the customer experiences your brand? Schedule time for a regular audit and be sure you are branding from the front door. [Download this easy tool to get started. There is one for online businesses or bricks-and-mortar organizations.]

Building your brand is about building reputation, expectations and relationships. It comprises both hard and soft elements, tangibles and intangibles. It is the myriad details that represent your passion and embody your excellence.

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