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Energy Crisis: Time to boost your brand?

July 24, 2014 | By | In Alle Branding 0 Comments


Summertime. Vacations. Kicking back. Feeling a little lazy. Hitting the beach. Hitting the links. Summer is typically when all of us—and our business activities—s-s-s-l-l-l-o-o-o-w down. It’s easy to feel that languor creeping in.

Why fight it? With less demand from your customers, now may be the time to take a look at the health of your brand. (You can do this from a hammock or feet-up-on-the-desk position to ensure maximum blood flow to the brain.)

Is your brand:

  • a) Vibrant, alive, engaging, innovative, leading?
  • b) Holding its own with occasional sparks of brilliance?
  • c) Tired, old-hat, out of touch, lackluster, me-tooing it?

If you picked “a,” keep on keeping on.

If you answered “b,” it may be a good time to curtail that energy crisis with new ways to delight and inspire your customers. Take a step back and examine what you’ve done in the past that has gotten customers fired up and revenues building. Did you discover a service that was needed which no one else provided? Did you provide bundled services that saved time and ensured business continuity? Did you free up clients’ time so they could focus on what they do best? And, are you sharing your success stories and news so customers are on top of your activities?

If your choice was “c,” well, my friend, it’s time to get out the paddles and call in a professional. Get an outside opinion. Put together a peer group or contact a brand consultant to rebuild your brand. Put together a list of 10 things your organization can do immediately to jump start the heart and soul of your business—the value you bring to customers. Get the word out. Get out of that hammock. You’ve got work to do!

If you take time to look at your brand health and take preemptive steps before it’s in crisis, you’ll have plenty of time to relax in the future.

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