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Eyes on the Prize: Your opportunity to be great


I was indulging in some pre-recorded TV programing this past weekend. As always, I took a moment to mentally thank those responsible for the magical ability to speed through the inane, irrelevant and time-sucking commercials that would otherwise clog my limited downtime. However as the E.D. ads whizzed by, I started thinking about being prepared.

Just like the Cialis commercial, you never know when the moment will be right and you want to be ready. However, I’m talking about an entirely different kind of moment. I’m referring to that moment when you are face-to-face with your ideal client and have the chance to make a first impression, strengthen a relationship, resolve an issue or close the deal. It’s a critical event, a tipping point, the pivot—It’s the opportunity for your brand to be great.

You have the power. It’s your job to wield it like the pro you are. Regardless of the situation, your brand can step up and be memorable when you:

  • Keep your eyes on the prize: Know in advance how you want any given situation to go. Set aside time as part of your business development time to imagine some “what if” scenarios and create go-to answers.
  • Go slow to go fast: Take time to listen and understand. We all know what happens when we make assumptions. Take time to construct a path to success.
  • Employ empathy: Being able to “be” the other person and see through their eyes is helpful in finding clarity. It is not necessary to sympathize when you empathize.
  • Be ready to release: Not everyone is your customer. Sometimes the client we thought we wanted turns out to not meet our criteria for a safe and sane working relationship. Be confident and gracious in letting go.

Being clear about what your brand represents, how it behaves and whom it serves prepares you to react accordingly in any situation. You will capitalize on your opportunity to be great.

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