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The Lure of Less: Cutting the content cram

November 25, 2015 | By | In Alle Branding, brand messaging 0 Comments


Halloween is the gateway drug to the season of excess. We try to jam in too much food, overspend, over indulge, over commit to social events and any other overload you can dream up. It starts with the candy cram at Halloween, the turkey stuff at Thanksgiving (stuffing in food, family, and likely football), Black Friday (or Bleak Friday depending on your perspective), Hanukkah (7 times the fun) and finally Christmas (which at my house starts as soon after Halloween as I can stand to wait). It can just be way too much of a good thing.

When you are overwhelmed by excess, you miss nuance and essence.

The same is true with the content you present to your customers. When you pile on fact, after fact, after fact, you are blinding your audience with TMI (too much input). It’s a one-way communication, like sitting at Thanksgiving dinner and listening to Uncle Fred drone on in excruciating detail about how he ties his fishing flies. It’s A) way too much detail, B) holds no interest for you, and C) makes you want to run far and fast in the other direction.

So how can you craft your message so that the audience is eager to know more?

  • Be Interested. Let your message show that you’re listening and you’ve heard their challenges by speaking to the solution that best suits their situation.
  • Show Don’t Tell. Present examples of how you have satisfied the needs of other customers facing similar issues. Share accolades and feedback so your audience understands what it is like to do business with you.
  • Tantalize and Intrigue. Give enough information to let them choose to know more. Give them space to reach out. By doing so you allow potential customers to self-select, which begins the engagement process. Curiosity is a magnet.

In the content department, quality trumps quantity. Make your content about what is important to your target audience. Don’t cram what you want them to know down their throats—no one wants to build a relationship with someone who is too pushy. Lure them with less, build a relationship based upon 2-way conversation and you’ll be invited in to tell more. Save the stuffing for the turkey.

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